I used PrinterSwitch to select a printer, but when in the Print dialog the 'Save as PDF' and 'Preview' buttons do not function (MacOS X)

The best way to make use of our PrinterSwitch plugin is to make a choice beforehand from within your application whether a certain button or script gives you a Preview, or lets you Print to PDF or Print to paper (with or without Print dialog).

Because PrinterSwitch intercepts printer driver calls, once you selected a printer with the PrinterSwitch plugin, it implies that you intend to print from within your FileMaker solution. If you then want to either Preview, or Save to PDF, then you should probably make changes to how it is implemented in your solution.

E.g. one might use the Get(ActiveModifierKeys) function to toggle between print to paper or print to PDF…

Note: the above information was relevant for version 1.x of PrinterSwitch. As of version 2.0.1, it is now possible to use the 'Save as PDF…" or Preview options