I have installed V4 of the middelware, but I need to downgrade to V3.5.6

I you have installed the latest version of the eID middelware, the plugin won't work in FileMaker Pro. You'll need to download V3.5.6 in order to get the plugin working. To downgrade the middelware, the current version needs to be uninstalled.

V3.5.6 can be downloaded here: http://code.google.com/p/eid-mw/downloads/list

[Windows] To uninstall the middelware, go to the control panal and choose add or remove software. Uninstall the eID middelware and then install V3.5.6 of the middelware. The plugin should now work in FileMaker Pro.

[Mac] Download the uninstall script and run it. When the eID middelware in uninstalled, you can install V3.5.6. The plugin should now work in FileMaker Pro.

Download: eID_uninstaller.zip