Is it possible to use 'CREATE TABLE' with DOSQL in the database that a script is called?

Using 'CREATE TABLE' is not really recommended, but it can be done. The problem is that FileMaker will hang when doing schema changes. This is not a DoSQL issue, but simply the fact that a schema change pauses all pending calculations, until it is done. This puts the plug-in into a deadlock. FileMaker will create the table, but will not come back, and the plug-in will wait forever for a reply.

But... there is a workaround, allthough we suggest to use it with caution. DoSQL() has a second optional parameter. It defaults to false, so normally you never use it.
If you set it to True or 1, DoSQL will not execute the SQL instruction immediately, but will execute it during the next "idle". This way to get around the deadlock situation.

So you can do it, but you cannot queue a series of "CREATE TABLE" instructions just like that. Between each DoSQL ( "CREATE..." ; True ) instruction, you should leave enough "idle" for FileMaker to do the job. A script pause should normally be able to do the trick.