I installed Clip Manager and I get an error 'Runtime Error Location: /Volumes/RBUS/REALBasic…".

There have been some issues with the permissions settings of some former versions of Clip Manager for Mac.

Before installing the new version, move the old version from the Applications folder to the trash (please quit the app first if it's running).

Now run the installer again. if the problem persists, then do the following:

First, remove all CM3 files from the system - and keep them somewhere on the Desktop:
1. put the "~/Library/Application Support/Clip Manager/" folder on the desktop. This folder contains the clip database and most of your settings.
2. put "~/Library/Preferences/com.myfmbutler.clipmanager3.plist" on the Desktop. This file contains other preferences of the application.
3.put "~/Documents/Clip Manager Clips/" on the Desktop. This folder contains your clip files.
4. remove "Clip Manager 3.app" and empty the trash ( important )

Now reinstall the application and check whether the problem has been solved now.