What's new in AutoSender 3 ?

What's new in 3.0 ?

  • Now works with FileMaker Server 11's new JDBC engine
  • Added "Test connection" option for checking the connection to the data source
  • Added ability to move sources up and down in list view
  • Added ability to make a source active or inactive from the list view
  • Added "Notes" field to add comments about a certain source
  • Added "From (name)" and "To (name)" fields, e.g. "from"="sjobs@apple.com" and "From (name)"="Steve Jobs"
  • Added ability to send e-mail notifications when AutoSender encounters certain types of errors

If you are currently using JDBC to connect to FMS10 data sources, and will be using FMS11 now, make sure to change the protocol for your sources in AutoSender Config.